Anonymous asked:
So i got accepted into boarding school awhile back, and my dad was really happy and said he will get money prepared. then he told me he had all the money for a year. but recently hes been complaining about money saying, the fees is a lot and i should try get a scholarship but deadlines for that have passed. so i'm feeling kind of bad and also he recently said he only has fees for a term now. Some advice would help

Hmm, the only thing I can think of it trying to contact the Financial aid/Admissions at your school, and ask if you can still apply for a scholarship. Or, just tell them about your situation and ask for my financial aid?

Anonymous asked:
yeah I've searched and read the handbook two times. Im pretty nervous.

If you really think you would like it, then I definitely say go for it!

Anonymous asked:
So I got accepted into interlochen (its an arts school) Do you know anything about it?

I don’t really know anything about art schools BUT CONGRATS! Have you researched anything about it? 

Anonymous asked:
have you ever heard of loomis chaffee/what do you think of it?

Thats a school? No I’ve never heard of it. I wish I could tell you more honestly.

Anonymous asked:
you heard anything about Ojai Valley School? I want to go so badly but my parents are against it. =(

I’ve never heard anything about it. Maybe try to convince them by researching the school more? We have a bunch of these types of Q’s throughout the blog

stayforeverinparadise asked:
If anybody has any questions about mercersburg or life on campus, I'd be happy to help! I'm a current sophomore there:)


I’ve been slacking on some questions here

Anonymous asked:
I am going to Mercersburg next year. Can you tell me about the dances and if people hookup/grind? Or what the dating culture us?

Yay Mercersburg! The dances have kind of slowed down over the years unfortunately, but I can’t say because I’ve already graduated. The teachers look for grinding in order to stop it. There is dating, but the only dates you can go on is Romeo’s the pizza place, and the movies and the mall. Personally I’ve never dated in high school, so I can’t say much. A lot of people like to chill and hang out in the student center.

Anonymous asked:
I got waitlisted at all three boarding schools I applied to. How offer do people get off the waitlist? Do you know of anything I can do to improve my chances at getting in?

I have no idea, all I can tell you is to wait it out. I know a decent amount of people get waitlisted, and it’s really 50/50 whether you get in or not.

Anonymous asked:
Has anyone on here said that they go to Baylor or The Webb School? Those are the two schools that I am looking at, and I would love to talk to someone!

I have no idea? Maybe after I post this someone will say something!

Anonymous asked:
I got wait listed at my top choice, and then accepted at my second choice. Should I wait for the first or go for the second?

Will they let you wait? Or maybe go for the second, and then if you get accepted to the first, then go for that one.

Anonymous asked:
Just got accepted to my dream school!!!!


Anonymous asked:
In less than 2 days I find out if I'm accepted to boarding school! Eep!



Anonymous asked:
Is going to boarding school my junior year a bad idea?

No it’s not. You still will be able to make a lot of friends. The only struggle you’ll have is picking classes and fulfilling requirements, but that’s pretty much it. 

Anonymous asked:
I really want to go to this boarding school in Michigan but my parents say that it's a lot of money. Im just not liking the public school I'm at now. And I feel like I can challenge myself more. How can I convince my parents to give it a chance?

The only thing I can tell you to do is apply, and see what happens. If you get a lot of financial aid, then maybe your parents will let you go!

Anonymous asked:
Have you checked out prepfessions on twitter or heard about what a big buzz it has been in prep school community?

Yep. I really don’t remember high school being that bad. I think people are just lying to attract attention