Anonymous asked:
I am going to Mercersburg next year. Can you tell me about the dances and if people hookup/grind? Or what the dating culture us?

Yay Mercersburg! The dances have kind of slowed down over the years unfortunately, but I can’t say because I’ve already graduated. The teachers look for grinding in order to stop it. There is dating, but the only dates you can go on is Romeo’s the pizza place, and the movies and the mall. Personally I’ve never dated in high school, so I can’t say much. A lot of people like to chill and hang out in the student center.

Anonymous asked:
I got waitlisted at all three boarding schools I applied to. How offer do people get off the waitlist? Do you know of anything I can do to improve my chances at getting in?

I have no idea, all I can tell you is to wait it out. I know a decent amount of people get waitlisted, and it’s really 50/50 whether you get in or not.

Anonymous asked:
Has anyone on here said that they go to Baylor or The Webb School? Those are the two schools that I am looking at, and I would love to talk to someone!

I have no idea? Maybe after I post this someone will say something!

Anonymous asked:
I got wait listed at my top choice, and then accepted at my second choice. Should I wait for the first or go for the second?

Will they let you wait? Or maybe go for the second, and then if you get accepted to the first, then go for that one.

Anonymous asked:
Just got accepted to my dream school!!!!


Anonymous asked:
In less than 2 days I find out if I'm accepted to boarding school! Eep!



Anonymous asked:
Is going to boarding school my junior year a bad idea?

No it’s not. You still will be able to make a lot of friends. The only struggle you’ll have is picking classes and fulfilling requirements, but that’s pretty much it. 

Anonymous asked:
I really want to go to this boarding school in Michigan but my parents say that it's a lot of money. Im just not liking the public school I'm at now. And I feel like I can challenge myself more. How can I convince my parents to give it a chance?

The only thing I can tell you to do is apply, and see what happens. If you get a lot of financial aid, then maybe your parents will let you go!

Anonymous asked:
Have you checked out prepfessions on twitter or heard about what a big buzz it has been in prep school community?

Yep. I really don’t remember high school being that bad. I think people are just lying to attract attention

Anonymous asked:
It's already February in the freshman school year and I still haven't talked to like 10 guys in my grade.. I feel so antisocial but I don't have classes with them or chances to talk to them outside of classes.. Is that normal?

Wait, you haven’t talked to 10 “number” of guys, or 10th grade guys? Either way I didn’t talk much to guys either, so it’s pretty normal

Anonymous asked:
what freedom do you have during the week and on weekends? can you ever leave campus, have a car, cell phone, etc. do you know if its any different at boarding schools for troubled teens?

Basically, when you’re not in class, you’re free to do whatever you please. At Mercersburg you could be off campus until 8pm on weeknights and weekends. We could have cellphones, but during school hours if a teacher saw you with it, it could get confiscated.

 I don’t know much about boarding schools for troubled teens, but I feel like things would be stricter there. 

thedevilsrejects-andrea asked:
Hi, I'm from California and getting set to England for boarding school. Based on your experience what do you guys suggest I take. Examples: toiletries,clothing,makeup I need help I'm so scared:/

DON’T BE SCARED. Just take everything that you have in your room, especially toiletries, clothing, makeup, a hair dryer/straightener/hair curler, medical prescriptions, room decorations, like posters, face lotion, etc.

Don’t forget a mattress pad, comforter, your sheets (unless they are already provided for you). Oh yeah, if you are going to England, then make sure you mail anything that can’t come along with you on the airplane. Like winter clothes and the likes 

palespanish asked:
I might be going to a Boarding School next year, is it worth going in Year 12? (it's the year before the last one) ! Amazing blog! Id go to your old boarding school if i wasnt from Spain :(

It is worth it! I can guarantee that you will make a lot of amazing friends and have an awesome experience, even if it’s only one year!

Anonymous asked:
Oh I have. but i'm an honors student and i have counselors who are telling me i can make it to the ivy leagues, and my mom is all ecstatic. we've gotten into hard times and she says she wants to use my college money for this, esp. since i told her i don't even want to go to college ever. she's so stubborn and thick headed.

I don’t understand. Why does she want you to go to boarding school if you don’t want to go to college at all? 

All I can say is to keep telling her it won’t suit you at all. I think over time she will learn to accept the fact that you don’t want to go. 

Anonymous asked:
I'm really close with my parents and I feel like by going to boarding school, I'm taking away the time i have to spend with them before I become an adult and move out.. My mom gets really emotional when she talks about me growing up too, any tips how I should deal with this? Thanks:)

The only tip I can give you is try to convince your mom that you’re ARE growing up and that you aren’t a child anymore. And also, you’ll be seeing her during the summer and the breaks as well.

If it helps, maybe you could look into schools that are maybe around 2 hours away, so that you would still be able to board, but your mom can come up and see you or pick you up on weekends?