I'm a freshman this year and I am thinking about applying to boarding school. Do you think I should? Is it hard to apply? Are you glad you went?

1. I think you should if you are really interested in it. That really is something you have to answer for yourself. 2. It’s not that hard to apply, though I don’t really remember the process. 3. I am definitely glad I went! It was an amazing experience, and although I wouldn’t want to go back, I did make a lot of memories!

Are scholarship kids/ people who use financial aid looked down upon ?

Nope! Not at all, I (Vanessa) was on financial aid all throughout high school and i never was treated differently for that at all.

Can you suggest any cheap boarding schools? (Like cheaper or the same price to board there than it would be to live at home.)

I’m not sure, they all seem around the same price because living expenses are pretty high. Maybe try for financial aid?

How do you stop yourself missing family, friends, clubs etc from before you boarded?

You just have to get used to it honestly. It’s only been a couple of days, so just try to keep yourself busy!

How do i stop getting homesick?

Surround yourself with people? Get busy with homework, sports, etc.

Are all boarding schools expensive?

The range varies but I think in general they cost more than private schools, because you also have to pay for housing and food. However, if you are a day student, it might end up being the same as any other private school.

A Small Favor

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Do people hate new girls? Like, if someone were to just come into your house and start loving there, do people see it like that?

(anonymous sent a second question correcting loving to living)

You mean people that transfer in? No, no one hates them, if anything people are super friendly to them. And no one sees it like that at all, like everyones aware that their in a dorm and stuff, like yes it feels like home, but no one don’t get all super defensive when a new girl comes.

I would love to attend a boarding school but I'm really worried about the strictness.... I'm allowed to swear, dress how i want, stay up as long as I want and I know at boarding school it's a lot different. Is it really that suffocating or is it easygoing once you're there?

Boarding school isn’t that strict, yes there are rules that you must follow but they don’t really feel overbearing or suffocating when your there—especially since the enforcement of them varies from teacher to teacher.

You are allowed to swear at boarding school, in fact some of you’re teachers will probably swear as well, but just don’t be a potty mouth—which is something you shouldn’t do matter which school you’re attending anyways. There is a dress code, but if you’re a girl there is much more freedom and room to express your personal style. However, that depends on the school that you are attending, because Mercersburg was pretty lax, but I was talking to a friend that went to Hill and she said that everyone had to wear blazers during school hours. And while there are a certain time you’re supposed to be in bed—it’s not that big of a deal. Just get in bed when the teacher comes to check for lights out, then once they leave, wait 5 or 10 more minutes then get back up and do whatever you need to do.

But I want to emphasize the point that all of this depends on the boarding school you go to and how strict it actually is.

Do you think its worth going to boarding school to get a much better quality of education if it means leaving a sport you have a chance to do professionally behind?

Oooo hmmm, this seems like a personal decision. For me, I went to boarding school because of a sport. Have you tried to find boarding schools that have that specific sport? Personally, I’m not sure I would go to boarding school if they didn’t have the sport I loved. But you know, you could go to a day school? That way, you have flexibility with doing sports outside of the school (and probably get it to count for your extracurricular), while having an excellent education!

Why did you go to boarding school?

I went to boarding school because Mercersburg was really strong in swimming, and plus my public school at home was making tons of budget cuts. About half of our town’s high schoolers went to private school, since we live in Massachusetts. 

I’m not sure why Vanessa went. Probably for the same reasons.

I (Vanessa) went because going to boarding school was something expected of me. My parents are from Nigeria and back there everyone goes to boarding school, so I kinda had no say in the matter. But when i was 14 i was going through that bratty teenager phase so I also was really happy to get out of the house.

Are the house mothers nice or just in it for the money?

The house mothers, otherwise known as dorm deans, are actually really nice. I know at least for the girls dorm, or at Mercersburg, they would be the ones that are raising a family. So usually I get to play with the toddler or baby. 

So yep, they are nice, and not in it just for the money!

How can approach the subject of boarding school with parents??? I'm worried they'll think Im just abandoning them or something

You could try approaching it in the light of wanting to best prepare yourself for college. Try explaining that you think that boarding school is the best fit for your personal college prep, and that you really want the experience of living in a dorm and learning to schedule your day and such without them there to help you. Also be sure to address and questions and concerns they might have.

Did people assume you were a snob for going to boarding school?

No they didn’t! If anything, people were really curious about the whole boarding school life and like asking you questions. These are some questions that I have gotten WITHOUT FAIL once someone knows I went to boarding school: “Is it like Zoey 101/Hogwarts?” “What as it like not being home?”

Was it hard to relax when you were surrounded by others all day?

I relaxed ALL THE TIME, and same with Vanessa. It’s not that hard at all!